Western Suburbs Property Management

If you are looking for quality property management in Melbourne’s West, then you have come to the right place.  With our office located in the heart of Werribee, we are perfectly positioned to look after your investment (provided it’s this side of the westgate of course – despite requests from our current owners, we currently do not manage in the CBD and beyond as we need to focus on the area we know.)

Makes sure that you avoid the headaches of rent collection, evictions, and maintenance!!  At Eview we are professionals BECAUSE we are property owners too!!  Yep, that’s right, in addition to the over $120 million in property we manage for others we discovered all the needs and wants of investors like you BECAUSE we have owned our own investment properties for over 10 years now!!!

BECAUSE we’ve learned the hard way (through cleaning up poorly managed properties, being investors ourselves, and being involved in the industry for 15 years), we’ve become super passionate to help investors all around the globe become more successful property owners.   Here are some super statics to show you what we mean:

  • Low vacancy rates – we lease houses faster and keep tenants for longer!  The statistics speak for themselves – we lease houses 50% faster than the industry average according to realestate.com – the average days on market is 33, our average days on market for March 2018 is 17.  Compared to average agents – we save owners more than 2 weeks in lost rent! (want to know our current stats, let me know as I spend more time managing properties than I do updating my web page I’m afraid)
  • Your property and your tenants will thank you for having us care for your investment property – check out some online google reviews of local agents, you’ll see that some have happy landlords, but very few have happy tenants.  Happy tenants = more money and less headaches for owners!   We can’t wait to get you away from the Tenants, Toilets and Turmoil of dealing with rental properties.

Try our us at no obligation 30 days love us or leave us NO Strings Attached!!! We will even arrange delivery of your file to your chosen agent should you not be satisfied.

When is the best time for us to talk?

Here is a quick video showing you a little bit more about how I operate.  Or to see our online profile, text PM2325 to 0428 031 728