Coffee Chat!

Keep your eyes open!  What better way to meet your new property manager than by popping in to have a chat over coffee?  (Or tea of course).

Every month, Personalised Property Management will host a coffee session in a local cafe.  Why not support a local business, take a time out and relax at the same time!

This month we’ll be at the Little Lucky Cafe on Grant St, Bacchus Marsh!


coffee chat july 2017


Get ready for January 2020!

So, those of you who are close to me might already know, but Personalised Property Management will be going live in its own right as of January 2020.  Specialist property management stand alone company.

Because setting up a real estate agency properly takes time, I began the process earlier this year and I’m slowly ticking off all the various admin aspects of the business one by one.  Next step however – is choosing the logo! (Can’t have an awesome website – yes, more awesome than this one… professionally done this time – without a logo!).

For this, I need your help – tell me your thoughts about the below – should I go the more transformer style logo (would look good on the bonnet of my car but yes, a bit transformer like) or – go the more simply designed lettered logo… let me know!

For those of you who can’t wait until January – you can still sign up and have me mange your property now – all without the worry of being handed over from property manager to property manager!  16 years in and I’m not going anywhere!  Contact me today to discuss your needs so you too can be a part of this exciting new venture!

Advice for every investor!

Welcome to my advice page!  You’re likely here because you’ve received the link through one of my marketing campaigns – so welcome!  I’ve put together a few links together so you can make your way directly to a situation that you need help with.  If there’s something else you would like advice on, drop me a line – happy to help.

Buyers Advocate

Self Managed Super Fund – my story

Agent or Self Manage?

Lease break – what happens when a tenant needs to break their lease?

Landlord to maintain premises – what you need to know!

What to look for in a Property Manager

Proposed government reforms of the Residential Tenancy Act

Protect yourself from real estate related Fraud

If you’ve made it this far, then great!  I hope this information has been helpful and I wish you luck with your investing future!

Meet your next PM

I find that nowadays, I often don’t get to meet my landlords.  Everyone is either time poor, or location gets in the way, so I put my creative hat on and created a video to try and give people a little insight into what you get when you join the Eview family.

It’s a little corny I know, but no harm in having a little fun and getting yourself out there!

Operational Excellence – great way to start the year.

Now that we’ve settled in, got things up and running, have perfected our systems and procedures, I am excited to announce that we have been recognised for our efforts by winning the Eview award for Operational Excellence.


What does that mean some people will ask?  This is an exciting award to win as it is recognition of the effort that we put in as a company to ensure that behind the scenes, our landlords are being well and truly looked after, with the best policies, procedures, ethics and operations across the board.   This award shows it’s not just about the numbers, but how we look after the business we have.

Word must be getting out though – as we have also won the business development award as well!  We would like to thank our clients for trusting us with their properties and recommending our services to others.

Do you want to experience the difference and make the most of your investment property?  Contact us today!

Making tenants feel valued


Smart investors know that having good quality tenants, that feel valued and looked after, is just common business sense!  Tenants who are happy, and who respect their agent, maintain properties better, go the extra mile to look after things, are more understanding when it comes to maintenance, or open for inspections (should the property be for sale)… the list goes on.

For us, our latest promotion is providing our new tenants with a home made gift!  A little corny, I know, but I make these with my daughters – growing from scratch great kitchen windowsill plants such as mint, thyme, lavender… A fun activity at home, surprise gift for the tenant.  It’s win win.

Have you ever received a gift from your agent as a tenant?  (I know it’s pretty standard when you buy a house, that a sales agent gives you something upon settlement – but have you ever thought about it from a tenant / landlord prospective?) . Let me know your thoughts!